settembre 05, 2021

Digital painting of Susan with blue sweater

Digital painting of Susan with blue sweater

Digital painting of Susan con chaleco azul (Susan with blue sweater). I painted this portrait of my wife <3 with Adobe Photoshop, in about 6-8 hours approximately. I have been experimenting a lot lately in order to find a technique that I feel comfortable with and get better results in less time, as I tend to overcomplicate and rework my drawings too much.


Initial sketch of the illustration Initial sketch of the illustration

Adding flat colors to the sketch With the sketch in a separated layer, I start painting some flat colors with the multiply mode of Photoshop, so I can keep looking at the lines while I do this.

Adding some light and shadows to the flat colors Using some references to see the zones of lights and shadows, I start a basic rendering of the colors with a big brush to avoid getting into many details for now. I also add some different colors to give some “life” to the painting (such as red in the cheeks, some blues near the eyes and yellow in the forehead.

Start rendering with an smaller brush I keep working on the rendering now with an smaller brush

Add details to the digital painting Now it’s time for details, adding some darker tones to sharp some edges and white spots for the brightest areas (eyes, glasses, lips, etc.).

Final result of the digital painting of Susan This is the final result, I’m pretty happy with it. I’m going to keep trying doing similar digital portraits to keep improving my technique and familiarity with the brushes.