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During the UX/UI design phase for this SaaS company, I focused on understanding their target audience, their needs and the details of blockchain and crypto technologies. Working closely with the client, I created wireframes and prototypes that emphasised simplicity and intuitiveness.

With a clear vision in mind, I moved on to web design, where I meticulously translated the concepts into appealing visuals. The design language sought to balance professionalism and innovation, reflecting the cutting-edge nature of the technology of the company. Each element and feature was carefully crafted to enhance the user experience and evoke confidence in the company’s services. Feedback loops with the client ensured alignment with their brand identity and objectives.

The web development phase brought the design to life, as I coded HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create multiple pages, including the application’s complex dashboard, with email, file transfer and other features. I ensured responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, vital for a smooth user experience across all devices.

Giu Magnani, Web Developer, Web Designer and Illustrator.

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