April 09, 2019

Pixel Art Illustrations

  • illustration | pixel art
  • Aseprite | Adobe Photoshop
Pixel Art Illustrations - Giu Magnani Designer and Illustrator from Treviglio - Bergamo, Italia (Italy)

These are some of my pixel art illustrations I made. One thing I really love of Pixel Art is how easily you can pass from an idea to finished product. The simplicity of the pixels is fascinating.

Front and back of a Pixel isometric character This was my first experiment. A little character of myself.

Animation of a pixel deer in a forest with stars falling on him

A little gif animation of a deer moving some starry pixels.


Loica, a bird that lives in Chile and Argentina. I love birds 🦜!


I done this Llama after my trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. I got really inspired with the magical vibes of this wonderful place.

char walking down

This is a sprite done in Aseprite, while I was learning Unity. This was the main character of my game.